Past Presidents and political campaigns found they could often ignore the public’s desire for marijuana policy reform, party because of bipartisan support for the War on Drugs.  But the growth of the internet means that now the issue simply will not go away.

Every time the Obama administration gives Americans the ability to use the internet to indicate what policies they want to be debated more, the issue of marijuana reform has dominated.

Marijuana reform is an issue many Americans, especially younger Americans, care deeply about, but it is often totally ignored by our political system. Now the internet has provided young Americans with a tool they can use to force the issue into our national political discourse.

As the 2012 race starts to heat up, expect the issue of marijuana reform to continue to dominate any attempts by Obama to use the internet to have two way communications with voters. Thanks to the internet, there is no way Obama will be able to ignore the issue, especially if his campaign is going to be focused on getting young voters to turnout for him.