Friday, March 2, 2012

Will Fox News Report On “Border Expert” Sheriff Babeu’s Gay Love Scandal With Possible Illegal?

Well, well, well. It looks like Fox News’ favorite Arizona “border expert,” Sheriff Paul Babeu has some ‘splaining to do. If reporting in the Phoenix New Times is correct, it turns out this anti-immigration sheriff-turned-Congressional-candidate had an affair with a Mexican man Babeu has threatened to deport. Oh, and there was some texting/emailing of the sort that led Fox Newsies to clamor for Anthony Weiner’s downfall. 

We’ve long known there was something dishonest about Babeu. Although he likes to play a border expert on TV, in real life, his district, Pinal County, is 70 miles away. But a lengthy, salacious and detailed article in New Times reports of dishonesty on a whole new level as it relates a narrative of Babeu’s affair with a Mexican national that turned sour after Babeu was caught cheating. If Babeu’s ex-lover’s accusations are true, Babeu threatened him with deportation after he was caught posting hostile comments about Babeu on the internet.

I could care less about whether or not Babeu is gay or with whom he has sex. But threatening an ex-lover with deportation suggests some real wrongdoing. As an immigration attorney in the New Times article noted, it means either Babeu is an astounding hypocrite for having an affair with someone he knew was here illegally (identified merely as "Jose" in the article) or he wrongfully used the power of his office to threaten someone against whom he has a personal grudge.