Friday, January 18, 2013

America’s Most Embarrassing Question: Why Do They Hate Us?


It is a known fact that Innocent Princess country America has never harmed anyone ever. But would you believe that an increasing number of non-American people want to bomb our brains out anyway? It is true. (If you see something, say something.)

Al Qaeda’s Iraq cell has doubled the number of fighters within its ranks and the number of increasingly violent attacks against military and police targets in the year since U.S. forces left the country, according to the Pentagon.

Doubled! Scary, right?

The terror cell’s roughly 2,400-man force dwarfs the 1,000 extremist fighters that had populated al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) in 2011, according to DOD data complied by The Associated Press.

Srsly, America? 2,400? Anyway, moving on. The point is that this war on “terror” has produced more actual terrorists. I know this is not breaking news, but let that sink in for a minute. The war on terror has increased the number of people who want to do terror to us. How can this be?

Since 2001 there was an often-asked question that has since become the implied question behind basically any discussion on American foreign policy: Why do they hate us? I’m so sad to say that the answers that I have heard to this inane question were and still are actually kind of a tragedy. Today I heard this one from Guy at Work: “Because Hollywood.”

Dude from the “American Thinker” (italicized because it is the title of a publication; in quotes because “Thinker”) addressed this Important Question in September 2012, when everyone was shitting their pants about some Muslimy movie in Benghazi or something. Let’s walk through it, together!

[W]hy do they hate us?  Why do they hate America?  Why do they hate Israel?  What have we done, except to exist and be happy, to offend them?

It is vital in asking this question to know just who “they” are.  An easy and incomplete answer is “radical Islam” or just “Islam.”  But in fact, we are hated not just by radical Muslims, but by profoundly secular forces in the Arab World.

Okay, we’ve defined the questions and the players, that’s good…But do any Americans hate us too? (Do we hate ourselves?) Yes.

We are, of course, hated by Americans like Obama, who was nursed on malice towards his homeland and who grew up in the shadowy alternative universe in which anti-Americanism is dogma. Those who hate us and live within our midst include radical feminists incoherent with rage when speaking of the loving God of Christians and Jews and who consider his followers their worst foe, but who are docile as doves in dealing with the true misogyny of Marxist realms, radical Islam, or most old-world social systems like foot-binding, the Suttee, and the near-slavery of women in Imperial Japan.

Oh. Angry, radical feminists who consider Christians their main enemy? (OMG do I hate America?)

Those who hate us hate Israel too Colonialism is often cited as the reason, but that is profoundly silly. Israel was founded by immigrants who granted full citizenship to anyone, regardless of race or creed, who wished to become a citizen.

You know what is profoundly silly? The notion of a place where people were already living being “founded by immigrants”.

Part of the reason why they hate us is because we, America and Israel, are lands of poor immigrants who have made good.  America in particular demonstrates that the “huddled massed yearning to breathe free” could not only become rich in America, but also live together in peace.

Right. Again, it is easy to “live together in peace” after you genocide all the people who had lived there for thousands of years. But whatever, details. What else?

There is another divide, however, and that is based upon fidelity to the traditions of Judeo-Christianity and contempt for that moral system.

[...] There is a vast divide of faith which separates conservative Americans and Israelis on one side and the rest of mankind, which hates them, on the other.

Broad brush time, people. This American Thinker thinkpiece sure does make you think! He then goes into a GlennBeckian explanation of the Secular/Marxist/Muslim jihadist connection, which of course we all know about from our Monday night Freedom Haters meetings. But he wraps it up with:

They hate us for simply being who are and nothing else.

[...] As the grim day draws near when Iran can kill millions of Israelis for the “crime” of being Jews and when an American political party can “forget” God in its platform and investigates Christian filmmakers for crimes committed by Libyans, we need to know just why they hate us: not for our wickedness – Israel is much kinder to Muslims than Islamic nations and American Christians raise private funds for missionary hospitals in Muslim lands – but because our way is good.

Oh. Our way is good. And they hate that, because they hate our freedom. And also, Benghazi!!!1!

Look, I’m not saying that your government lies to you on a daily basis, but, well, your government lies to you on a daily basis. They are really just a massively successful PR campaign that occasionally gets around to doing some governing or legislating or whatever.

Now go read this and make love to Noam Chomsky, in your mind. Learn things! If you start out seeking an honest answer to the question “why do they hate us?” you will end up realizing that the question itself is flawed (which is kind of another reason that they hate us).