Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Tea Party is Boycotting Fox News Because It Is Too Liberal

The paranoia that Fox News created is turning against them, as tea party activists are boycotting the network for being too far left.

A group of tea party activists who are upset over Fox News for, in their view not investigating Benghazi enough and supporting immigration reform, are boycotting the network.

This is the group’s second boycott, and they are claiming that they are taking down Fox News as punishment for becoming a leftist outlet, “Firstly, the ratings numbers. Despite the much shorter lead/advertising time, at first I was quite disappointed to see what seemed to be only an 8% drop in the ratings on Thursday, the 1st night. A number that slight is difficult to average out because ratings fluctuate within the the margin of error, but 8% seems about right. Then looking over the numbers, we see that FOX is continually lower now than it had been before the first boycott. What has and is happening seems clear; of the 22% that walked away during the 1st boycott, it seems 10% – 12% never went back. That means the current 2nd boycott thus far is doing almost as well as the 1st one, except that the balance of the numbers past the 8% never stopped boycotting – they just went. Curiouser and Curiouser. We’ll see how the weekend shapes up; the numbers should be out by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.”

To show you how far off of the ledge these folks have fallen, they had this to say about Bill O’Reilly’s ratings, “In related developments, media is now starting to laud O’Reilly’s ratings, even though they are half of what they were two years ago. IMO this is due entirely to their displaying approval of FOX now that it has gone left, essentially abandoning FOX’s core audience that made them wealthy, an act of unconscionable, cold-blooded betrayal.”

The group’s objective is to, “To restore the same scrutiny to the Office of the President by the media that was enjoyed by presidents past like Richard Nixon, and presumably with the same results.”

The tea partiers want Fox News to go far right, and they believe that this will lead to the impeachment of President Obama. (In their view, Obama should be impeached for Benghazi.)

Ironically, many of the activists who are outraged about Benghazi probably got their information from Fox News. Fox created this paranoid audience, so it is no surprise that like Frankenstein’s monster they have turned on their creator. There are many, many reasons why Fox News is on a downhill slide of decline, but going too far to the left isn’t one of them.