Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bible Belt Unbuckled: Deep South Towns Top List of Porn Site Visitors

Well, now we know why it seems like average Alabama citizens pay little attention to Legislative antics: they're too busy paging through the Bible with one hand while the other, ahem, pages through Internet porn sites. Who has time to pay attention to the "Marsh Does Montgomery Show" or similar antics on Goat Hill?
According to Buzzfeed, the website "PornHub" (which we will not link to) matched Gallup's annual survey of the "most religious cities" with its own list of regular porn consumers. The result? Alabama and Utah cities led the pack.
America’s most religious cities ranked by per capita visits to Pornhub between December 1, 2012 and April 30, 2013 (in order from least to most porn-loving):
12.  Odgen, UT
11.  Hickory, NC
10.  Provo, UT
 9.  Greenville, SC
 8.  Holland, MI
 7.  Birmingham, AL - Birmingham had 12.1 Pornhub pageviews per capita, and 56% of its residents say they’re very religious.
 6.  Jackson, MS
 5.  Augusta, GA
 4.  Baton Rouge, LA
 3.  Little Rock, AR
 2.  Montgomery, AL  - Alabama’s capital had 21.9 Pornhub views per capita. It’s also highly religious, with 64% saying they take religion very seriously.
 1.  Huntsville, AL - Alabama’s “Rocket City” takes first place, with 23.8 Pornhub views per capita. 55% of its residents are very religious. Oh, and remember that we have the nation's first drive-through sex shop. Coincidence? I think not!