Sunday, May 29, 2011

10th Grader Amy Myers Turns Up The Heat On Michele Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachmann should be afraid to debate Amy Myers. She would lose. By Amy’s own litmus test for political officeholders that, “If you are going to run for office, you’d better know what the basic foundation of this history is,” Bachmann wouldn’t qualify. The problem for Michele Bachmann is that she doesn’t understand the constitution, history, or basic civics.

I am sure that if she really wanted to debate Amy, she could study up a little bit, but when have we ever known a Republican to study anything? The anti-intellectual Republican Party holds education in disdain. In fact, being too educated is a black mark against any would be Republican. The GOP likes their people scared, not smart.

In all seriousness if Bachmann was even a little bit smart instead of ignoring the young lady, she would send her a note encouraging her to following her political ambitions. She could put out a nice statement about how America needs more bright young minds like, Amy. Maybe she could even do a little quiz with her, or do a little something that will take the edge off of this story?

Since we are dealing with a paranoid right wing freak here, none of that will happen. Instead, Bachmann probably sees this as some sort of left wing Obama plot to make her look bad. She probably scoffs and wonders if Amy’s parents aren’t residing in a FEMA camp as we speak, and shudders in dismay as the Manchurian 10th grader puts her Obama indoctrination on full display.