Friday, July 29, 2011

Ala. Dems: Ranking GOP Members Violating Law

The Alabama Democratic Party Thursday released more documents to support its claim that the Republican party is violating the recently enacted PAC-to-PAC transfer ban put into place during last year's special session of the legislature.

Party Chairman and former Supreme Court Judge Mark Kennedy said the public records implicate Senate Majority Leader Jabo Waggoner and House Speaker Mike Hubbard.

Republicans are denying any illegal actions have taken place.

Kennedy presented campaign finance records for 136 Years PAC, which he said was organized by the GOP under Hubbard's leadership, as well as NETPAC, which he said Hubbard chaired. Several other PACS including Gulf PAC, Sun Pac and South Alabama PAC of Higher Ed were also cited for their alleged transfer of funds.

Kennedy said his research shows 136 Years PAC took a $100,000 contribution on December 20, 2010 from Monica Cooper that was labeled as an individual contribution. Two days later the money was recorded as a "reimbursement" to Cooper by the New Alabama Leadership PAC. 

Kennedy said records kept by the Secretary of State's office show Cooper is the treasurer of New Alabama Leadership PAC, to which Waggoner is the chairperson.

"We have always submitted campaign finance reports accurately and in accordance with the law, therefore if any error was made, it is clearly unintentional," Waggoner's office said. "We will begin working immediately with our finance team and attorneys to identify and return any inappropriate contributions, regardless of size."