Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Google+ to Hit 10,000,000 Users Today, Could Double by Next Week

Google+ is growing. The new social network by the search giant is expected to pass the 10 million user mark today, even while the service remains in invite-only beta. Google launched its social experiment just 2 weeks ago, but it has been expanding at an exponential rate ever since. The ability for Google+ users to invite others has been a bit spotty, with the company throttling the option in order to maintain network stability, but the past 48 hours or so have been an invite free-for-all.

Google+ features like Hangouts — which allow you to video chat with multiple people at once — help to give the new service its own unique feel, separating it from Facebook. Millions of users have been flocking to the network and voicing their varied opinions on how well it compares to its main competitor. Amongst my 150 or so Google+ contacts, the consensus is mostly positive, and a greater influx of users is sure to breathe even more life into the fledgling social hotspot.